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Bodega Bay Birding
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Whether you are participating in a Christmas or summer bird count, doing a birdathon or “big day”, a veteran “lister”, or are just looking for an easy way to record and review your daily bird sightings, Birdwatcher’s Diary™ for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android (phones and tablets) is the perfect birdwatcher's field companion! Fast and easy to use, yet also extremely powerful, Birdwatcher’s Diary will enrich your birding experience. In seconds, you can make a note of birds you see or hear, including time and exact location (both automatically recorded), with additional field notes if you wish. Later, you can review the sightings as a list or on a map, upload your sightings to eBird, and much, much more. And Stevens Creek Software donates 50% of the proceeds from this software to support the conservation, research and education work of local bird organizations!

Planning to do a Christmas bird count? Read our list of tips on how best to use the software to make the count as painless as possible.

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Sample user comments:

"I use this awesome iPhone app nearly every day and upload my sightings to eBird." – Fred Crotte

"I find it basically effortless to use in the field and love it. It is also great to directly send a report to your local listserv from the app, which allows for your comments, list, and a link to the Google map. Very cool." – John A.

"BWD is the most powerful listing app I've used. The filtering capabilities seem especially well-suited to bird surveys and big days." – The Birders Library

"We did a Big Day –I used the app to keep track through 5 different locations –it worked great right through uploading to eBird. Love it!"– Lois S.

"BWD had been indispensable while scouting for our upcoming Birdathon. I'll use it during the event and then provide a map to our sponsors and donors to show them our route with each species' location seen. They love that!" – Laurie F.

"I find Birdwatcher’s Diary easy to use and frankly fun. You will enjoy using this app and seeing not only your lists, but also the sightings maps." – Nancy J.

"I use Birdwatcher's Diary on my iPhone to record all my sightings, including GPS coordinates for most of the birds I see. KILLER APP!! I then directly upload the list into eBird. Easy and fast!" - Brooke M.

"I very much like the way that BD for Android is organized around recording a day's birding. If you are an eBirder, you can record your sightings by eBird location, and yet still see your entire day's list." - Kent F.

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Stevens Creek Software has been developing software for Windows, Macintosh, Palm, iOS, and Android since 1988. We have been a leading developer of software for the Palm platform, and are now one of the leading developers of software for iOS, with ten different titles on the market. We are also longtime birders.

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