The Birds of Stevens Creek

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Some of the birds of Stevens Creek:

Wood Duck, Stevens Creek Reservoir, Cupertino, CA

Great Horned Owl, Stevens Creek County Park, Cupertino, CA

Great Horned Owl with just-born Owlets, March 17, 2011
Stevens Creek County Park (overlooking Stevens Creek), Cupertino, CA
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And here they are three weeks later, on April 13:

Hooded Mergansers, Stevens Creek, Cupertino, CA

Common Mergansers, Stevens Creek Reservoir, Cupertino, CA

Black Phoebe, Stevens Creek, Cupertino, CA

Snowy Egret, Stevens Creek, Mountain View, CA

Great Blue Heron, Stevens Creek, Cupertino, CA

And here's rain-swollen Stevens Creek itself, coursing through Cupertino:


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