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Sales - inquiries
Sales - resales
Sales - problem with an existing order, of a "sales" nature (e.g., double charge), and NOT including "tech support" problems like an incorrect serial number)
Support - general
Support - serial number problems
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PLEASE NOTE: If you are sending a message
about a serial number problem with PalmOS software or with the desktop version of our Athlete's Diary software, please read this:

  • If you have simply lost your serial number, you can get an online reminder here; no need to send an email
  • PalmOS only: If you have your serial number, but it no longer works, chances are that you changed your "HotSync name," and you'll need to provide us the new name. If you aren't absolutely sure what that name is, please read the section here entitled "Serial Number Problems" which will tell you how to find it.
  • PalmOS only: If you have transferred the software to a new Palm, you must tell us the HotSync name of the new Palm (see previous paragraph), and you must state in writing (in this email) that you have deleted the software from your old Palm and it is no longer in use. If you wish to use the software on more than one Palm, you need to purchase an additional license.

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