Birdwatcher's Diary

Android (also iPhone • iPad • iPod Touch)
Checklist Software for Birders

Android version (phones & tablets)

Tap to record a sighting, marked as either seen or heard. The two-letter alphabet down the right-side lets you find the one bird you're looking for quickly and easily; no need to scroll through 100 birds starting with "W".

Date and time of each sighting and, optionally, latitude and longitude, are automatically recorded.

All your sightings are archived on the device as well as (if you choose) in the "cloud" on Dropbox as well, so they can be easily recalled. Before you visit a particular location, review the sightings from the last visit to remember what you saw and exactly where you saw them.

Display maps of your day's sightings at one or multiple locations directly on your device. Export the information to create custom Google maps viewable on the web.

Output data for uploading to eBird, including automatic calculation of distance travelled and duration of outing. Easily share your sightings on Facebook, Twitter, or with your local birding listserve.

Create life lists from all your sightings, or filter the list based on a variety of criteria.

Export your sightings in a form which allows you to create custom Google Maps, displaying all your sightings for a trip in a form you can share with others, or review yourself in the future (click here to view this map live)

Android version (phones & tablets)