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Looking for a Lion-compatible version of The Athlete's Diary for Macintosh?

Download it here

Please note: some users have been unable to get this version to work on their Lion-upgraded systems; for others it is working just fine. At this point we don't understand why this is so, but are working to isolate and fix the problem.

Available online support for Stevens Creek Software products

Serial Number Problems

Lost your serial number for Palm software or for The Athlete's Diary/XP (version 4)? Solutions...

Download Problems

This page provides help with the following problems generic to all software: Downloading, Unzipping. Solutions...

iPhone Software Support

IIs found on a separate page.

General Palm Software Problems

Generic to all Palm software...

  • Installing software
  • Pictorial guide to installing software from a Windows computer
  • Never got a serial number
  • Entering your serial number
  • Serial number incorrect
  • Conduit installation
  • Conduit usage


Problems Specific to One Piece of Software



The Athlete's Diary for Windows or Macintosh

Handheld Solutions for Real-world Problems
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