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Lost your serial number for Palm software or for The Athlete's Diary/XP (version 4)?

This is our most common support request. To be given a reminder of your serial number (sometimes known as a password or registration code), fill out this form:

DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU JUST ORDERED THE SOFTWARE - your S/N will be arriving in your email box, and this online reminder is only updated every few days, so if you ordered within the last few days, you'll be wasting your time.

UnDupe users please note:

If you purchased UnDupe prior to December 1, 2004, and you downloaded the version 2.0 upgrade and found your serial number doesn't work, don't bother to fill out this form, because the reason your serial number isn't working is because the serial number you have is valid for version 1.9 only. You can read about the upgrade here (you'll be receiving an email shortly if you haven't already), and you can purchase the upgrade here.

Your name:

Your email address (the one from which you purchased our software):

We aren't asking for the name of the software, because you'll be reminded of serial numbers for all your purchased products.

Serial number incorrect?

If you enter your serial number, and the software says "Incorrect serial number", there are several possibilities. If you need to send us a new user name, or other information, email it to We do NOT handle these requests by phone.

  • Wrong user name. Serial numbers are based on the "Palm user name", also known as the "HotSync name", of the handheld unit on which the software is installed. Sometimes users mistakenly provide their own name, or their email address, or their user name, or something else. Nothing else will do.To get the User Name, tap on the Applications button, then tap on the HotSync application. If you have a Palm III later, the name appears in the extreme upper right of the same HotSync screen, as shown in the pictures below. If you have a PalmPilot (Personal or Professional), the top line of the screen will read, "Welcome, XXX." (where "XXX" is your user name). Please be sure you supply the name to us EXACTLY as it appears, including upper or lower case letters, punctuation, and spaces as appropriate, any difference will make the serial number invalid. If you CHANGED your user name from the time you registered the software, see below.
  • Wrong version. Although we don't do this often, SOMETIMES when we upgrade our software we change the serial number code. If you think the user name is correct, and the software still says you have an incorrect number, you may have an old version of the software.Please note the following:
    • UnDupe - you must have version 1.7 dated February 9 (or higher, although as this is written 1.7 is the latest version)
    • PalmPrint - you must have version 3.0 or higher
    • On Hand - you must have version 3.0 or higher

    Check on where the current version of each of our software products is listed. If you don't have the latest version, download it and install it and try your serial number again.

  • Accented characters. If you purchase our software through PalmGear, your serial number is emailed out to you by an automated system which doesn't handle accented characters properly. Just send us the correct user name (by email) and we'll handle the situation manually.
All of our software requires a serial number which is based on the Palm UserName (HotSync name). If you are having problems getting the right serial number, sometimes it's because the name was wrong - perhaps an extra space somewhere you didn't know about. MyName is a program that you can install in your Palm that shows you EXACTLY what your name is, letter by letter. It's free.

User name changed?

If you have changed your user name, either because you have a new Palm or for some reason had to change the old one, your old serial number will no longer be valid and you'll need a new one. If you have added an ADDITIONAL Palm, you need to purchase an additional license (our software is licensed per Palm). If your old unit is no longer in use, you need to state that to us in writing (email is fine), provide us with your current user name (as well as the old user name for verification), and we will provide you with new serial number(s). Send email to


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