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Inventory and Asset Tracking Software

Featuring support for Bluetooth barcode scanners, and fully optimized for iPad and Android tablets as well!

Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device to perform inventory data collection, track assets, pack orders for shipment, generate restocking orders, and more. Use inexpensive handheld Bluetooth barcode scanners like the CHS 7C from Socket Mobile or the CS3070 from Motorola, capture barcodes using the built-in camera of your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, or simply select items by hand without using barcodes at all. And if you want to test out the barcode scanning capability before you buy, we have a low-cost "lite" version called SCS Scan BT as well (iOS only). For Android, there is a trial version called On Hand Lite you can download.

Here's a summary of the features you'll find in On Hand™:

Praise for the new Android version

"Best Scanner with Inventory tracking available. I have used On Hand for Palm OS for at lest 10 years with support from Stevens Creek. Great program/ app. by people who are devoted to quality and support for what they sell. Data can be used so easily with export and import."

"Multi purpose scanner app Ideal for inventory as well as a mobile order app. "Location" is used for identifying the customer and items scanned are sent by e-mail for processing (direct import to the company's sales system). We are using Motorola CS 3070 bluetooth scanner and the database imported to the app contains nearly 30 thousand items. Support from the developer is quick and professional. They have been extremely helpful regarding versions on both Ipad and Android. App has been in use for over 6 months on several Ipad's. Very happy to see this app available on Android devices as well. I have tried different inventory/scanner apps, and this is by far the best!"

Want to see if the barcode recognition capabilities of the software are suitable for your needs, or if the software is compatible with a particular Bluetooth barcode scanner that you already have?

The "lite" version of the software, SCS Scan BT, is available for precisely that purpose. It features all the capability of On Hand with the single exception that it does not provide output capability. For Android, the "lite" version is called On Hand Lite and features two limitations: it works for only one week, and it only allows you to output a maximum of five items.

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Stevens Creek Software has been developing software for Windows, Macintosh, Palm, iPhone, and Android since 1988. We have been a leading developer of software for the Palm platform, and are now one of the leading developers of software for iPhone, with ten different titles on the market.

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